Saturday, April 5, 2014

Dallas Buyers Club:My Review

I know I'm late with this review, but after seeing Dallas Buyers Club this evening I had to blog about it. Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto both deserved the acclaim they received. There is no question that these two both gave a thousand percent to their roles of Ron Woodruff and Rayon, two people suffering from AIDS, one a racist, homophobic redneck and the other a drug addicted transgender prostitute. I had heard that McConaughey's portrayal of Woodruff was a shock to the system of moviegoers used to seeing him portray the handsome romantic leading man, but in DBL McConaughey's skeletal frame,dark hair, and balls to the wall performance showed just how versatile an actor he can be.  I swear you go from being completely disgusted by Woodruff to rooting for him as he goes against the establishment to attain the drugs he and and so many others need to survive.

Woodruff's transformation from unsympathetic to endearing is cemented in a scene when he defends Rayon from a former "friend" who refuses to acknowledge Rayon because he's transgender. Leto's role was too small for my taste, but it served the purpose of showing that despite their initial differences, Ron and Rayon both realized they needed one another to survive.

I know the role of Rayon was a supporting one, but I would have liked to learn more about the character, especially his background as the disowned son of a banker who Rayon goes to see to get some money for Ron. I know this film was about Woodruff and his willingness to do whatever it took to get the drugs needed to extend the lives of AIDS patients, but Leto's performance left me wanting more of Rayon.

Very good film, but it's extremely raw in some instances so it's definitely not one for the kiddies.

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