Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Being Mary Jane : My Review

When I first saw the trailer for Being Mary Jane starring Gabrielle Union, I wasn't initially impressed. It just seemed like another play on the tired, sad, single, successful Black woman formula we have seen time and time again on t v and film. I am willing to admit when I am wrong, because I am floored with how much I loved the backdoor movie pilot for BET's first dramatic series.

Gabrielle Union was awesome as Mary Jane Paul, a successful newswoman with all of the material trappings minus the hubby and kids. MJ seems to be stuck in her love life, not being able to resist the advances of her married off and on again lover and having to be the primary breadwinner of her family which includes: two ne'er do well brothers, a niece who is more than content with being a baby mama, a sickly mother, and a beyond frustrated father. Things aren't perfect at work either due to the network making it impossible to tell the stories MJ wants to tell, especially ones which deal with cultural issues. With the help of her Latina producer, MJ learns how to carefully navigate the frustrating world of network politics.

BMJ won't become a permanent part of the BET landscape until 2014 which sucks since that seems like ions away for those of us who thoroughly enjoyed Gabby in this role. I have been patiently waiting for Gabby to get a role that fits her like a glove, and she's finally found it. Losing out on the role of Olivia Pope was a blessing in disguise for Miss Union, because this show was tailor made for her talents since it is a great mix of comedy and drama which is what she does best!

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