Friday, September 2, 2011

My Hubby As Goliath? It's A Strong Possibility

Dwayne Johnson has been offered the role of Goliath in a film based on the Bible story David & Goliath. Taylor Lautner, the hunk who rose to stardom as Jacob in the Twilight series is being courted as David. This could either be an epic fail or an epic win, but my advice to Hollywood is to stick to the Bible because Christian moviegoers will have a lot to say if you don't.


  1. okay the rock is MY man lol. and i would love to see him pummel taylor lautner.

  2. Dwayne Johnson is a peculiar man who naturally stands out compared with others in Hollywood. He could insist on playing only lead roles, or always being the one with the best jokes. Instead, he's willing to play smaller parts or even bad guys. This approach requires humility of spirit. Unique.