Sunday, April 29, 2012

J Lo's Glowing

Jennifer Lopez

Glowing is Jennifer Lopez's 18th perfume and is described as a more "New Yorky, darker, sexier" version of the original Glow, Jennifer's first fragrance. The new version also has notes of bergamot, mandarin, cypress, sandalwood, vanilla, and cashmere musk. Oh and get this: the bottle actually glows!

Glowing will be carried at Kohl's Department Stores nationwide.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Actress On the Rise: Latarsha Rose

An actress with a very brief role in The Hunger Games has been chosen to play Gabrielle Union's bestie in the BET series Being Mary Jane. Latarsha Rose is the lucky lady who has won the role of Dr. Lisa Hudson, a celibate woman with strong religious beliefs. I don't know much about Latarsha, but I am looking forward to seeing her abilities as an actress in this part since I barely remember her from The  Hunger Games

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pam Grier's Bio Gets Optioned for the Big Screen

Pam Grier who rose to fame in the 70's as the preeminent Black sex symbol wrote a bio that is being adapted for the big screen. Even though I have yet to read it I now it can be the perfect vehicle for the right actress to star in. Which Black actress is capable of filling the shoes of the one and only Grier onscreen?  Nia Long, Sanaa Lathan, and Megan Good come to mind but maybe a fresh face no one has heard of can play the part. Any suggestions?

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Downey Jr. Lawyers Up

robert downey jr gravity 15 3 10 kc Robert Downey Jr. to Produce and Star in Yucatan

The Judge sounds like the perfect vehicle to get Robert Downey Jr. back to his dramatic chops. I mean he's going to be great in the third installment of Iron Man and May's The Avengers, but it's long overdue for Robert to exercise his dramatic talents.

The Judge will find Downey playing a lawyer who goes home after his mom passes away and learns that his Alzheimer's stricken father is a suspect in a murder case. The movie is being helmed by the Academy Award winning writer of The King's Speech and directed by David Dobkin. Team Downey Productions is behind the project.

'Take This Waltz' Trailer Finds Michelle Williams, Seth Rogen and Luke Kirby in a Love Triangle (Video) - Hollywood Reporter

'Take This Waltz' Trailer Finds Michelle Williams, Seth Rogen and Luke Kirby in a Love Triangle (Video) - Hollywood Reporter:

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This is the type of vehicle I love to see Michelle in!

Taylor's New Gig!


Taylor Lautner may do a cameo in the sequel for Grown Ups. Love Taylor, but Sandler movies are a hit or miss unfortunately. I applaude Taylor for wanting to expand beyond the Twilight franchise and wish him well beyond it, but is this the way to go? We'll see!

Birthday and Anniversary Shoutouts

April 4th is the birthday of one of my favorite actors, Robert Downey Jr. It is also the fourth anniversary for new parents/superstar couple Beyonce and Jay Z. Let's all wish them a great day!

New Title for Gabby's BET Series

BET's new series Single Black Female which is set to star Gabrielle Union has undergone a name change. It's now being called Being Mary Jane and even though some took issue with the original title, I would personally prefer it to the bland Being Mary Jane. Am I alone in this?

Whitney Houston, Jordin Sparks, and R. Kelly team up for Sparkle soundtrack | The Music Mix |

Whitney Houston, Jordin Sparks, and R. Kelly team up for Sparkle soundtrack | The Music Mix |

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

DVD Review: My Week w/ Marilyn

This movie was boring and overrated. I normally like Michelle Williams and have been a fan since Dawson's Creek but was not impressed with her as Marilyn Monroe. Or maybe it was just the movie I was not impressed with. If it had not been for the premise maybe I would have enjoyed the movie more. Knowing that Marilyn beguiled this young kid for a week during the shooting of The Prince and the Showgirl was of no interest to me. A movie about her affairs with the Kennedy brothers would have interested me more. I remember a movie made back in 1980 called Marilyn:The Untold Story that starred Catherine Hicks (the mom from 7th Heaven) which was in my opinion a more vivid picture of the icon than this movie. Marilyn was made to look  like a needy dumb blonde and it was hard to feel any empathy for her at all. A part of me kind of wished this movie was about Olivier and not Marilyn since Branagh's performance was more layered.