Tuesday, April 3, 2012

DVD Review: My Week w/ Marilyn

This movie was boring and overrated. I normally like Michelle Williams and have been a fan since Dawson's Creek but was not impressed with her as Marilyn Monroe. Or maybe it was just the movie I was not impressed with. If it had not been for the premise maybe I would have enjoyed the movie more. Knowing that Marilyn beguiled this young kid for a week during the shooting of The Prince and the Showgirl was of no interest to me. A movie about her affairs with the Kennedy brothers would have interested me more. I remember a movie made back in 1980 called Marilyn:The Untold Story that starred Catherine Hicks (the mom from 7th Heaven) which was in my opinion a more vivid picture of the icon than this movie. Marilyn was made to look  like a needy dumb blonde and it was hard to feel any empathy for her at all. A part of me kind of wished this movie was about Olivier and not Marilyn since Branagh's performance was more layered.

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