Saturday, December 6, 2014

Obvious Child: My Review

Obvious Child starring comedian Jenny Slate is the art house hit critics love due to its handling of the hot topic of abortion and the star making performance of Slate, an SNL alum and co star of the FX series Married.

The movie starts with a breakup between Slate's character Donna Stern and her boyfriend Ryan who has been cheating on her with one of her close friends. On top of the breakup, Donna learns that the bookstore she has been working at for five years is closing down. After getting pissy drunk before her set at the club she does stand up at and turning the audience off by going on and on about her horrible breakup, Donna meets yuppie Max and a night of drunken sex leads to an unwanted pregnancy.

Slate's humor is crude at times and if you are easily turned off by that, then the jokes in the opening scenes will have you wondering why you rented this movie. But if blue humor doesn't bother you and you stick with the film you will find that the buzz surrounding Slate and writer/ director Gillian Robespierre is well deserved, and it has one anxious to see what is next from these two. Can I offer a suggestion? Maybe a sequel to Obvious Child because the ending left me hopeful for Max and Donna. Just saying!