Friday, June 28, 2013

The Heat: My Review

When word first broke that Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock would be co stars in a buddy cop comedy, I got excited. Oscar winner Bullock has more than proven her comedic chops in movies like The Proposal and Miss Congeniality. McCarthy is an Emmy Award winner for Mike and Molly and an Oscar nominee for the chick com Bridesmaids which was a big hit a few years back. With these two ladies on board and a great script to accompany them, Paul Feig's second directorial effort, (he directed Bridesmaids) is going to be a summer smash. The reason I say this is because I saw the movie today and the laughs are never ending. McCarthy is pretty much playing the same character she played in Bridesmaids, but this time she is over the top policewoman Shannon Mullins who is teamed with by the book FBI agent Sarah Ashburn on a case to nab a notorious drug runner. As expected Mullins and Ashburn do not get along when they first meet,  but as the case progresses a friendship is born especially when the case begins to hit a little too close to home for Mullins.

There is already talk of a sequel, and I hope one happens, but only if they could recreate the magic of this first effort. If not, I would like to see McCarthy and Bullock in another film together with an entirely different premise because they have great chemistry on screen.

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