Friday, January 31, 2014

Thanks For Sharing : My Review

Thanks For Sharing is one of those movies that flew completely under the radar. I don't remember it even being shown on screens here in Atlanta, but I did see it playing at a NYC theater on my last visit. Nonetheless I have been awaiting its digital release and praying to not be disappointed (a la American Hustle),  I must say I was more than pleasantly surprised at how good it is.

The film's main protagonists are portrayed by Mark Ruffalo, Josh Gad, and Tim Robbins. These three all know one another from their sex addicts recovery group. Adam, (Ruffalo) is five years "sober", on sabbatical from dating, and the sponsee of Mike, (Robbins) who battles two addictions: alcohol and sex. Mike is also married to his high school sweetheart Katie and the father to Danny, his estranged twenty something son . Gad is playing the clown of the group, Neil who is only there due to the court ordering him to get help in regards to nonconsensual touching. Neil takes none of the meetings seriously, but when his career as an ER doc is affected by his lusts, only then does he make the effort to change.

Gwyneth Paltrow, P!nk (in an awesome film debut),  Joely Richardson, and Patrick Fugit all have pivotal roles in the film as well, P!nk really impressed me as Dede, a fellow addict and hair stylist who befriends Neil and is amazed at the fact she can be "just friends" with a guy and not have sex be a factor. It was also good to see Joely Richardson again whom you all may remember as the ever annoying Julia McNamara on Nip/Tuck.

Rent this film over the weekend. If you do, kindly comment below and tell me what you think! 


  1. wow, it's really good? i didn't see that coming. good to hear that P!nk did well.

    1. I would really like to see P!nk do more roles in ensemble pieces like this. Not ready to see her carry a film just yet.