Monday, January 14, 2013

The Carrie Diaries: My Review


I was the world's biggest Sex and the City fan, and when that show ended it left a serious void in my Sunday night viewing. The CW has decided to bring Carrie Bradshaw back to the small screen  with the The Carrie Diaries, a look at her adolescent years in Conneticut and her introduction to Manhattan. Anna Sophia Robb is a great teenaged Carrie complete with blonde ringlets and high heels. Her clique consists of high school pals Mouse, Meg, and Walt and this show's Mr. Big is a rich transfer student named Sebastian who has also caught the eye of Carrie's rival Donna. Carrie's  pals all have their own personal dramas (lost virginity, closeted homosexuality, an affair with an older guy). Sebastian's biggest issue thus far is an M.I.A. mom.

Seeing Carrie's origins is interesting. Dori, her 14 year old sister is having a hard time dealing with the death of their mother as is her dad. Who knew Carrie had a sister because she was never mentioned on SATC? Who even knew she grew up in Conneticut? What isn't surprising is how quickly Carrie falls in love with Manhattan. After he dad gets her an internship at a stuffy law firm, Carrie soon meets Larissa a saucy Brit who covets Carrie's purse in a department store. Larissa works for Interview Magazine and wants to use Carrie's purse (which is really her mom's but thanks to a nail polish accident and quick thinking by our fashion forward Carrie, now has a funky design and is emblazoned with Carrie's name) in a photo shoot for the magazine. Larissa also invites Carrie out for a taste of NYC nightlife that furthers Carrie's infatuation with Manhattan and the various creative types that make up Larissa's circle of friends.

I like this show and will definitely support it in weeks ahead. I would say I like the cultural diversity of the show and that was something that was missing on the original (with the exception of Blair Underwood in season 6). I would like to see more of Carrie's high school circle, more Manhattan, and less of the grieving dad and sister. I also am psyched to see how Carrie's love of writing progresses since she begins journaling thanks to her dad giving her some of her late mother's blank journals.

Did any of you watch? What did you all think of Anna Sophia Robb as teenage Carrie?

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