Sunday, October 9, 2011

It's Coming To A Close!

I can hardly believe I am about to enter my last term at Kaplan University. To say the time has gone by fast would be an understatement. It has been a fun filled albeit frustrating ride at times (yeah I’m talking to you Statistics and Financial Aid), but a fulfilling one just the same.

I have had some great teachers and have interacted with some wonderful students. Even though I have never met these people face to face, over these ten week terms you do become a pseudo family of sorts.

The confidence I have gained has been monumental. Just a few short years ago I thought this part of my life was never going to happen. I thought I had forfeited all my chances at a college education, and it was a continual thorn in my side. Thankfully I did go back to school and acquired a mentor who encouraged me to pursue my online degree. This led me to researching online programs like Kaplan and a few others.

To those of you who are thinking about going back to school I say do it! I can hardly contain the excitement I feel about what’s coming next for me :)

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