Thursday, October 20, 2011

Shonda's Golden Touch

A lot of people have mixed feelings about Shonda Rhimes. Some think she's television's saving grace with her color blind casting and witty storytelling, but there are also those that wish she offered more in her portrayals of people of color. To those people who are never satisfied, note that Shonda's strides are not only strides for her but for other women of color as well. Women whose voices and faces are hardly ever seen in Hollyweird.

Someone obviously likes what she 's doing because Shonda has sold her fourth network pilot this year.The latest is The Circle, a soap/conspiracy thriller sold to ABC which Rhimes will executive produce along with creative partner Betsy Beers.

The other three shows Shonda's working on include Gilded Lillys, an untitled drama centered around a male lawyer, and the coming of age series Wildwood.

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