Sunday, September 9, 2012

Leave Well Enough Alone: My Sparkle Review

I saw Sparkle last week and must say I only went because of the hype and to see the late, great Whitney Houston. I left the theatre two hours later, thoroughly unimpressed with the movie as a whole. To be perfectly honest, Jordin Sparks did a good job as the title character. I enjoyed Carmen Ejogo more though as the tragic Sister, a woman whose obsession with fame and money leads her down the wrong path with the wrong man. The movie strayed from the original in several ways, but I will say the character of the mother was beefed up considerably for Houston. Sparkle was Houston's baby but it never should have been her swan song. I hate that the Waiting to Exhale sequel won't be her last film instead of this half baked reboot.

If you want my opinion, rent the original Sparkle and skip the new one until it comes to Redbox or Netflix. Trust me the original story is way better even though the new version has more flash due to a bigger budget , bigger stars, and Mara and Salim Akil at the helm.


  1. i actually liked this remake. i thought it was fleshed out better than the original. but of course the original is a classic.

  2. Some of the plot lines were a little too far fetched. Plus Carmen Ejogo as Whitney's daughter? Loved Carmen, but isn't she in her 30's, as is Tika Sumpter? I just wasn't buying it.