Sunday, February 1, 2015

American Sniper: My Review

American Sniper has been the number one movie in the country for the past three weeks and many have come out against it saying the film glorifies violence and has made Chris Kyle, the subject of the film, an undeserving hero who in some people's opinion was just a cold blooded murderer.

Despite where one stands in the debate,Sniper is a vivid account of Kyle's four tours of war and the effect what he saw and did over there had on him and his family. Under the direction of Clint Eastwood, Bradley Cooper gave the best performance of his career. Cooper threw himself completely into the role by putting on 40 lbs. of
muscle and adopting a Texas dialect. His portrayal
totally made you forget this guy played Phil in
The Hangover franchise.

The war scenes were frighteningly realistic, and
Eastwood did not hesitate to show the horrors of
war and the toll it takes on Kyle's psyche and on
his marriage to his long suffering wife Taya who
stood by him as he became a shell of his former
self after each tour. Sienna Miller did as much as
she could with the role of long suffering wife, but
this was Cooper's movie and he owned it.

Regardless of where you stand on the war or on the
subject of Chris Kyle the deadliest sniper in  U.S.
history, American Sniper is definitely a must see!

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