Friday, June 6, 2014

Orange Is The New Black Season 2 Premiere: My Review

I've been waiting to go back to Litchfield Prison for months now.  After the first season of Orange Is The New Black ended with WASP turned inmate Piper Chapman beating the living ish out of meth head/religious fanatic/abortionist killer Pennsatucky, diehard fans of the show have been anxiously wondering what was going to happen to Piper post the epic beat down.

The first ep of season 2 (directed by the brilliant Jodie Foster)  answers all questions although with the exception of Alex, none of my other Litchfield favorites appeared on the episode. You do get to meet a new set of prisoners who are even more disgusting than any of the ones at Litchfield, but fortunately you don't have to deal with them too long. As it turns out Piper and Alex are only in this new prison to await the trial of the man they were running drugs for. Alex wants Piper to lie fearing for both of their lives if the truth comes out, but Piper balks at this and refuses to lie. Piper's change of heart during the 3rd act only winds up slapping her in the face when her lawyer, (her former fiancee Larry's dad) washes his hands of her and Alex's decision to do what Piper was initially adamant to do gets her out of jail and leaves Piper behind bars and hopefully on the first bus back to Litchfield.

Overall this ep was good. I enjoyed the childhood flashbacks to when Piper was a little girl and seeing  actress Lori Petty as Lolly, one of the new inmates. Petty is an actress from back in the day (A League of Their Own, Point Break) who I must say kinda scared me with how badly she's aged.  Nonetheless I'm back on the grind and getting ready to watch episode 2 and drink a couple of Strawberitas.

Later !

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