Monday, September 9, 2013

Crushed Finds Home At HBO

I never saw Peeples. The film did not do massive business at the box office despite having ultra talented It girl Kerry Washington as one of its stars. I think it's lack of appeal was the fact it was just a chocolate covered version of Meet the Parents. Nonetheless it launched Tina Gordon Chism's career and now she has a series in development at HBO. The plot of Crushed centers around an Afro American family in the Napa wine business. I can get behind this. This is territory that has not been ventured into before at least from an Afro American perspective. 

Between this and the Issa Rae project, I am psyched about the original series slate coming up on HBO. 

I will keep you posted on cast announcements and the air date.

Did any of you see Peeples? What do you think of Miss Chism's future as a player in Hollywood?

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