Sunday, May 12, 2013

Why I Disliked Iron Man 3

After watching Iron Man 3 Friday I came to the conclusion that it's time for Robert Downey Jr. to give up the tin suit. Don't get me wrong. I love RDJ , but Iron Man as a standalone hero, I think those days are over. Especially if Hollywood continues to churn out mess like the latest installment. I know I am in the minority but bringing Shane Black on board was a big mistake. Tony's angst over the whole Loki situation in The Avengers was too much to handle even though he was still as snarky and charming as ever. The whole Tony in Tennessee subplot (complete with a cute kid) was a tad too much to swallow as well and don't get me started on Ben Kingsley's faux villain.

Maybe the reason for my rant is that after the greatness of The Avengers, I was expecting more from Iron Man 3. Unfortunately the perfection that was The Avengers is going to be tough to top, not only for Tony Stark, but the next installments of Thor and Captain America as well. We shall see!

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