Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Authors of Beautiful Bastard Score Major Deal

Congrats to writers (and friends in my head) Lauren Billings and Christina Hobbs who wrote the bestseller Beautiful Bastard and the soon to be released Beautiful Stranger. They just signed a 5 book deal with Gallery Books to continue the saga of Chloe, Bennett, and the people that inhabit their world. 

Beautiful Stranger will be released in May with the Target exclusive going on sale later this month and after that readers will be blessed with another Beautiful Bastard spinoff and three (yes!!) three novellas featuring Chloe and Bennett. 

We fans can also expect another full length novel to hit book shelves just in time for summer 2014, and the Beautiful Bastard film is still underway. I can't wait!

Readers have you read Beautiful Bastard yet? If so will you continue to follow the characters and the various spinoffs?

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