Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Beautiful Bastard : Book Review

After 50 Shades of Grey came out there was an influx of erotic novels to hit the shelves. With the exception of the Crossfire series by Sylvia Day I haven’t gotten into any of the others, but then Beautiful Bastard was released.

BB (which started as a Twilight fanfic called The Office),is the story of Chloe Mills, an intern at Ryan Media Group who has the boss from hell. Bennett Ryan, the son of the head of the company is her boss, and Bennett is one tough M F, but has the looks of a Greek God. The two constantly butt heads but things quickly take a turn after an intense sexual encounter early on in the book. From that point on the fights continue as well as the sex and that’s what makes this couple so captivating.

Chloe and Bennett are a fun couple even when they argue. I think that is what makes this book, and hopefully the followup so enjoyable.  Romances should not be dark, and they certainly should not have such weak characters as Anastasia Steele. Sorry I am not a fan of the 50 Shades series and the doormat character of Ana is one of the main reasons why, not to mention EL James’ corny writing style which needs to be seriously re tweaked for the film version of those novels.  Plus the sex scenes in 50 Shades are not sexually appealing to me like BB’s.  I guess because Bennett wasn’t so dark and twisty (except for the panty fetish) and he was a man that genuinely admired Chloe’s business sense and independence which made him way sexier to me than a guy with a Red Room of Pain!

Christina Lauren are two writers who really appreciate strong female characters, and that’s why I will continue to follow their careers closely especially since BB is being made into a film and the next book is due out soon in the Beautiful series. Yeah I know 50 Shades hasn’t been cast yet, but I hope this film gets to the screen first. The story is better and with the right casting choices it could prove to be a huge hit.  I wonder if Bradley Cooper could free up his sched to take on the role of Bennett, and opposite him I would like to see Mila Kunis, Ashley Greene, or Jennifer Lawrence for Chloe. (Christina Lauren when you read this take note of these names! ;) 

If you have read Beautiful Bastard what was your opinion of the book? Who would you like to see take on these roles? Comment below!

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