Thursday, December 27, 2012

Review : Deception Starring Megan Good Franklin and Laz Alonso

Megan Good Franklin is following in Kerry Washington's footsteps by heading up a network drama. The show Deception is set to premiere on January 7th on NBC and is a whodunit full of twists and turns that would make any fan of the primetime soap genre giddy with anticipation. Megan portrays cop Joanna LaCosto whose former BFF, socialite Vivian Bowers is found dead in a hotel of an alleged drug overdose. Her former partner and love interest Will Moreno played by Laz Alonso seems to think it's murder and as it turns out that is exactly what it is. Will Joanna find the culprit before the Bowers get wind of her true intentions? Are there still lingering feelings between Joanna and billionaire playboy Julian Bowers? And what is up with the creepy eldest brother and the matriarch of the family?

If you like shows about messed up rich people, their dirty secrets, and want to support another black woman doing big things in network t v, be sure to catch the pilot episode on now, or tune into the premiere on NBC on 1/7/2013.

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