Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Web Star Issa Rae Scores W/ ABC Deal/Tyler Perry Brings His Brand to OWN

IssaHeadshot  The web series The Misadventures of An Awkward Black Girl  has been very good to Issa Rae. The cyber hit which has grown in popularity since its debut has struck a cord with fans like myself who can relate to her character J's work and love woes.I find myself following the show's monthly episodes like I once did the soaps. Will J find a better job than the one she has with Gut Busters, a weight loss company? Will J and White Jay her boyfriend ever get horizontal? Will the office bitch Nina ever get her comeuppance? These and many more questions keep me tuning in but the best news this week was hearing that Issa and Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, and Private Practice producer Shonda Rhimes will be co producing Issa's first foray into network t v with the pilot I Hate L A Dudes.  Shonda's a hit making machine so all eyes are on this project to follow in the footsteps of her other hits and to put Issa in a prime position to become a major player in Hollywood.

Speaking of major players, Oprah Winfrey has brought Tyler Perry on board OWN to create some scripted content for the network. While a lot of you hate on T P's success you have to admit the man has the midas touch when it comes to scoring big in t v and film.  I'm sure Oprah will have final say over what eventually comes on the air waves so those that have tired of Madea can rest tonight knowing that Tyler will probably stay away from the character and introduce new characters and possibly even delve into some dramatic territory. Whatever the case I'm sure it will be a success for the network!

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