Monday, August 29, 2011

Zoe Saldana: Hollywood's Newest Action Star

I saw Colombiana yesterday and must say I enjoyed it! From the looks of things Colombiana did very well in the box office race, finishing # 2 behind The Help.

I hope the momentum continues because from the ending a sequel could very well happen. If there is a part 2 I would like to see a better love interest for Catalyna because Michael Vartan (Tom from Hawthorne) does not do it for me personally. His role was purely unnecessary and added nothing to the story.

For you Fame fans, seeing Jesse Borrego as Catalyna's father was nice. He is one of the few from that show who still consistently works it seems. I recently saw him in La Mission with Benjamin Bratt, and if you don't remember him he played Jesse Valasquez on Fame.

Dominion is the next film Zoe has signed on to and in it she will play a half human/half angel. I don't know the plot or the name of her character but Zoe is a producer on the project as well.

I love to see women of color making moves in the industry (that goes for Viola Davis as well). Hopefully this trend will continue.

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