Thursday, February 10, 2011

Kerry & Columbus Join Shonda's New Show

 Shonda Rhimes has chosen film star Kerry Washington as the lead on her new show Scandal. It’s great that the lead is going to be Afro American and with Shonda’s penchant for hits (think Grey’s and Private Practice, not the short lived Off the Map) I have high hopes for this one. The trailer is interesting and so is the backstory of how the show came to be.

The show is about the PR/crisis management world and is based on real life "fixer" Judy Smith who has worked with Michael Vick among others. Washington will play Olivia Price, the head of her own agency and the show will also feature an assortment of telegenic characters who work with Olivia at the agency.

Cutie Columbus Short who starred in Stomp The Yard , This Christmas, and Death At A Funeral will play an attorney at the firm who will probably hit the sheets with Olivia (this is just an assumption on my part, but if you have seen Shonda's other shows you know I am probably not too far off the mark!)

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