Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Evelyn Lozada's Brand Expands

Evelyn Lozada, the glass throwing, foul mouthed former bestie of Jennifer Williams and one of the stars of Basketball Wives has a lot of reasons to be smiling these days. Her makeup collection E by Evelyn Lozada has finally been released and the spinoff reality show Ocho and Ev detailing her and Ochocinco's upcoming nuptials has been greenlit by VH1. She also has that book series coming out via Cash Money's publishing arm about pro athletes and the women that love them.

Regardless of how one feels about these reality shows and the women who star in them, I still applaude any woman who knows that the popularity of these shows will one day wane and that they need to expand their coffers while there is still interest. Get your Bethenny Frankel on Ev, and those shadows from your cosmetics line look hot BTW ;)

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