Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Yolanda's Hollywood Snippets

I haven't blogged in a hot minute due to work, school, my PR freelancing, etc., but a lot has been happening in the entertainment sector. Check the snippets below...

Halle Berry is in talks to take the lead in a new cable series entitled Higher Learning. HBO and Showtime both seem to be interested in the project.

Leo DiCaprio as a racist and Idris as a slave? If Hollywood has any sense whatsoever Django, the next Tarentino film will pair these two in the lead roles. Will Smith as a slave...I think NOT!.!

Jennifer Hudson is set to play a nun in the Three Stooges movie. OKAY???

Oprah said farewell in a lavish 2 part finale at the United Center in Chicago and on her show where she waxed poetic on the past 25 years to her audience. No guests on the last show, just O and her mesmerized audience of adoring fans.

Scotty won Idol. No surprise there!

Zoe Saldana is directing some eps of Vin Diesel's new web series called The Ropes about NYC bouncers. No word on when it will debut.

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